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Hey sim driver! Looking for an epic adventure? Do you want to be part of our story? ChiliSimRacing community is always searching for new drivers! You are welcome to join us. DISCORD or Facebook

Online Servers
GT3 Triple Trouble text

Race: 21:00 GMT+2
Qualifying: 20:40 GMT+2
Q: 20min
R: 3 x 20min

GT3 info

Server name:

GT3 League Chili

All gt3 cars from rfactor 2
GT3 Thunder Masters text

Race: 20:40 GMT+2
Qualifying: 21:00 GMT+2
Q: 20min
R: 60min


International Le Mans Series

Upcooming event ILMS- International Le Mans Series, with  shadowed cars around name: ILMS.  Coming 2021
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Currently we are driving only on rFactor 2 racing simulation.

About us

We made this to make rF2 community great again as it deserves more reputation. Our aim is of course to start a constant league races through the following years. We are picky with mods, so we try to drive only quality mods for now. Our vision is to drive paid mods from rF2 dev team. We are doing this for free and in our free time. We take it easy but we also try to be responsive and do a quality job. Stick with us and you'll see. Stay strong, stay chili. Your, team CSR

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